File Repair 2.1.2

File Repair can recover a wide variety of corrupt computer files, even those that cannot be opened

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    Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows XP

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File Repair 2.1.2
File Repair 2014

File Repair is a piece of software that repairs files, as the name implies. It can repair a wide range of formats if they are corrupted or damaged in some way.

There are a whole host of reasons why you might lose some of your precious data through file degradation. Viruses can destroy data, interruptions to the network can cause files to fault, and other unforeseen circumstances might cause your files to degrade. If a virus is the problem, you can use anti-malware software to find and destroy those pests, but those sorts of apps don't repair problems caused by the virus, they just get rid of the virus. That's where File Repair comes into play.

The user interface for File Repair is a bit boring, but that lack of flash makes it much easier to actually take advantage of the strengths of the app. You'll have no issue maneuvering through the different menus, and the functions are clearly labeled in easily understood common jargon.

Functionally, this app doesn't technically repair damaged files. Instead, it finds files that are exhibiting signs of damage and scans them for any data that can be recovered. The software then generates an entirely new file that doesn't have any of the damage inhibiting the original file. The extracted data is used to populate the file, so the result is essentially the same as repairing a single file since the original damaged file is destroyed in the process.

There are few standard or common file formats that aren't compatible with this software. It can restore PowerPoint, Excel, and Word files from Microsoft Office, and it has no trouble with PDFs, videos, images, archive files like RAR and ZIP, and some limited audio files.

If you experience a few common problems with your files, File Repair is the most likely solution to actually work. If your computer says a file isn't in a format that it recognizes, or that a file isn't readable or accessible, there's a good chance it can adequately repair the file. Some files won't open when they are used with their default app because the app says the file format isn't compatible. File Repair can fix all these issues and more.

There aren't many downsides to the software that would really deter someone from using it. The interface is a bit plain, but it's not meant to be an entertainment app. In some instances, you'll spend a lot of time scanning a single file only to have the software tell you the file is irreparable.

Overall, File Repair is a nifty free tool for restoring damaged files and their contents. The software is compatible with numerous formats, including AVI, MP4, MOV, JPEG, BMP, PNG, DOC, DOCX, XLS, PPS, PPTX, MP3, XLSX, ZIP, RAR, ASF, MPG, FLV, WMV, RAW, PDF, PPT, and WAV.


  • Restores Many Formats
  • Repairs Un-Openable Files
  • Extracts Clean Files From Corrupted Files


  • Dull User Interface

File Repair was designed with the intent to help users repair files on their computers that have sustained corruption in some way.

In today's world, there are many misfortunes that can take a toll on the vitality of a file system. A virus might maliciously corrupt files, or a sudden computer shutdown or network crash can leave files broken. While anti-malware software and other PC utilities can help get rid of malicious software, this doesn't solve problems with corrupted files that are left behind.

File Repair can be used to help remedy this issue. File Repair was designed with a very easy-to-use interface. Even the most novice of users will find it easily navigable. File Repair is used by scanning the computer for files that are corrupted or damaged. The software then generates a new, usable file. In the process, it attempts to retain as much of the data as possible from the original file.

The list of files that File Repair can salvage is impressive. Microsoft Office files such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents can be recovered. Likewise, zip, RAR, PDF, common image files, common video files, certain music files and other types of data can be restored. If there is a file on your computer that prompts you with a message that it can either not be read or it is unrecognizable, there is a very good chance that File Repair can fix it.

One of the most common complaints among users who have tried File Repair tends to be that the user interface is too plain for their tastes. Also, the scanning process can be quite lengthy, and there could be files left over from the scan that File Repair wasn't able to fix.

Above all, File Repair is extremely useful for repairing corrupted files, and you don't even have to pay a penny for it!


  • The amount of files that File Repair can fix is vast.
  • Files that can't be opened by the computer can often be fixed using this software.
  • The data that can be recovered from damaged files is extracted into a new, generated file.


  • The interface is extremely simple.
  • The scanning process might take longer than most would prefer, and there might be files left over that File Repair can't fix.

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